ERSICSS Board of Directors

The Empire of the Royal Soverign and Imperial Court of the Single Star, Inc


    President of the Board

Falcon Fuhr-Kenyon, Emperor 26


Vice President of the Board

Rusty Mueller aka Crystal Rae Lee Love, Empress 11


Board Secretary

Scott Fuhr-Kenyon, Emperor 27


Board Treasurer

Royce Wood, Emperor 30



Eddie Flores aka Edyie Mae Sugarbaker, Empress 3



Larry Castillo aka Martinique Bouvier, Empress 34



Michael Clayton, Emperor 34


Ex-Officio Director

His Most Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Majesty,

J..J. Fulton
Emperor 35


Ex-Officio Director

Her Most Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Majesty,

Kenneth Willett aka Morgan Fairview
Empress 35