The Empire of the Royal Soverign and Imperial Court of the Single Star, Inc

Emperor and Empress XXXV, JJ Fulton and Morgan Fairview cordially invite you to Coronation 36, Northern Lights: A Winter Odyssey on January 16-19, 2020!

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and pulls off one of the most affordable big city coronations. 


January 16th: 

* In-Town Show at Neon Boots Dance Hall


January 17th: 

* Hospitality: Noon-4pm

* Out of Town Show and Bus Tour ($20) Hotel Ballroom

* Hospitality: 10pm-3am


January 18th:

* Hospitality: 10am-3pm

* Coronation: ($65 includes dinner) Hotel Ballroom

* Hospitality: 30 minutes after coronation until 3am


January 19th:

* Victory Brunch ($30) Hotel Ballroom

* Victory Party and Show at Neon Boots


Houston does present a family friendly coronation and requires our guests to appear in full regalia, formal western, formal leather,  or themed attire. We will not allow any bare breast/chest, buttocks or anything else we feel is not appropriate to an all ages regal ball. We require all performances within the hotel to be tasteful and age appropriate to anyone passing the ballroom. 


Please! No disruptive noise makers including "fan popping". These sounds may cause anxiety for our Veterans.


In order to maintain a positive relationship with our vendors, we will be enforcing an absolute "zero tolerance" policy on outside beverages being brought into any venue during coronation weekend. This includes busses, bars/nightclubs, and hotel ballrooms. We are holding firm to this policy and anyone caught may be asked to leave the bus/event without a refund. All guests must only use the hotels glassware in the ballrooms and no glassware will be allowed out of the ballroom area. We apologize for not allowing your personal beverage vessels into the ballrooms. This rule does not apply to hospitality since no liquor is sold there and it is a private function. 


Host Hotel:


Sheraton Brookhollow

3000 N. Loop W. 

Houston, TX 77092

Regular rooms: $91.00 and Junior Suites $121.00

Room block ends at 5pm cst on January 6, 2020 .

Book your group r ate for ERSICSS Coronation XXXVI



The hotel is 22 miles from each airport. Bush International Airport (IAH) services the majority of major airlines and Hobby International Airport (HOU) is the Southwest hub. Please don't be shy to ask for a ride, we have a great membership that is willing to help. 

Program Ads:

All ads and payments must be receive by December 15, 2019 and sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Protocol Submission-  

All protocol must be sent via email,  this will include those submitting on the day of Coronation, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


We must receive it by email so it is easier to upload to our emcee desktop. We will have a protocol room on the day of Coronation from 10-1 so each court's representative may review their final protocol and make any necessary updates, but once again, all initial protocol must be emailed. If the laptop is being nice, we may be able to accept USB's.



For written protocol, Houston adheres to the following standards:


All protocol submitted by email should be:

* Letter sized paper (in case we need to print)

* Ariel 18 font

* No roman numbers

* Names phonetically spelled out. 

* Saved in word format and MUST BE EDITABLE, don't make us send it back, we will


What we allow: 

* All titles from Absolute Empress I, Jose Sarria and Queen Mother I of the America Nicole the Great

* All titles bestowed by Emperor and Empress 35 of Houston

* One title from your court, we do adhere to the "One title, one walk" rule! 

* Up to FIVE dynastic names, the use of a hyphen does not make it one name and will be removed. We will only read the first five. 

* Tag lines for reigning monarchs only!

What we do not allow:

* Greetings

* Regrets

* Court Announcements


We own a number of proverbial red pens in different shades and we are known to make up rules as we go along due to content, so the final discretion concerning protocol submissions is lef t to the Protocol Minister and their evil disciples and all decisions are final. 

Thank you and we look forward to see you in Houston!