ERSICSS Court Awards

The Empire of the Royal Soverign and Imperial Court of the Single Star, Inc

Court Awards

ERSICSS Court Awards


& Recipients




Little Ricky Maldonado Love and Friendship Award
Tom Martin Award
CommUnity Spirit Award
Royal Order of the Imperial Guard
Keeper of the Thrones: An' Marie Gill (Reign 26)
(Reign 27)
(Reign 28)
Guardian of the Heart of the Single Star: Craig Sanford (Reign 30)
  Hall of Fame Award Giovanni Lamond Lifetime Achievement Award
  The Brian Jones Fun and Friendship Award 
The Royal Order of the Single Star
Susan Hayes- Reign 26
The Sign of Inspiration Award
Cravyen Morehead - Reign 21
Bobby Bass - Reign 22
- Reign 23
- Reign 24
- Reign 25
Blair Fullerton - Reign 26
Domenic Cusano - Reign 30 
Sterling Silver Angel Award
Golden Eagle Award
Phil Llyes - Reign 24
- Reign 25
Scott Kenyon - Reign 26
Craig W. Rae - Reign 30
Spirit of the Single Star
Christopher Garrett - Reign 25
Rusty Mueller - Reign 26
Reign 29 
Reign 30
Brilliance of the Single Star:
Member of the Year
Scott Kenyon - Reign 26
 Royce Wood - Reign 27
Angela Mercy - Reign 28
Royce Wood - Reign 29
Domenic Cusano - Reign 30
Cubby Christopher P. Twist - Reign 31
Angela Mercy - Reign 32

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