ERSICSS Board of Directors

The Empire of the Royal Soverign and Imperial Court of the Single Star, Inc

    President of the Board

Rusty Mueller aka Crystal Rae Lee Love,  Empress 11


Vice President of the Board

Scott Marasckin aka Shelby St. John, Empress 18


Board Secretary

Falcon Fuhr-Kenyon, Emperor 26


Board Treasurer

Jonathan Mount aka Angela Mercy, Empress 31



Scott Fuhr-Kenyon, Emperor 27



Alan Rogers aka Boy Howdy Hayes, Imperial Prince 34



Christopher Prado, aka Boy Cubby Christopher, Emperor 33

Ex-Officio Director

His Most Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Majesty,

Michael Clayton aka Michael G. Clayton
Emperor 34

Ex-Officio Director

Her Most Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Majesty,

 Larry Castillo aka Martinique Bouvier
Empress 34